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WORKNC CAD/CAM 2021 New Release
WORKNC CAD/CAM 2021 New Release
WORKNC CAD/CAM 2021 New Release
WORKNC CAD/CAM 2021 New Release

WORKNC 2022.0

DESIGNER Companion

WORKNC, the world’s leader solution for advanced mold & die machining, reinforces its portfolio by adding DESIGNER to its solution workflow. WORKNC customers with a valid maintenance contract will benefit from a direct modelling, hybrid modelling CAD tool for Manufacturing. Preparing the model in advance, including capping holes and pockets, healing missing faces, or extending surfaces means the manufacturing job that comes after becomes much simpler.

DESIGNER brings state-of-the-art modelling functionality powered by top Hexagon technology. A simple and powerful “Send to CAM” command creates the WORKNC workzone directly from the CAD application, ensuring the right models are automatically assigned as stock and fixture. CAM entities can be automatically created such as curves, surface lists and surface list groups.

Parallel Finishing with Spiral Option

The now consolidated, modern Parallel Finishing toolpath completes the functionality in replacing Z-Level Finishing and Planar Finishing. Much faster and more reliable, this toolpath is the technological base for all Hexagon 3-Axis toolpath compensation. Supporting any tool shape compensation, the new spiral option calculates in a quarter of the time of the previous alternative.

Contour Remachining

Rest Finishing a part just got a lot simpler and more powerful with WORKNC 2022.0 Contour Remachining with Advanced Toolform, a technology that allows the user to select any tool shape. This toolpath is also now 3 times faster when using the updated 3D Stock as a reference, allowing for the precise detection of rest material, even when the previous processes used circle-segment tools, used smoothing radius parameters, or were applied from a different angle.

New Advanced Toolform 5-Axis Toolpaths

WORKNC 2022.0 elevates the game in 5-Axis strategies using any tool shape. Strategies such as 5-Axis Offset, 5-Axis Parallel Finishing, and 5-Axis Curve Machining allow the user to create fast, reliable toolpath with barrel cutter, lens cutters and any other user defined shapes. These tools allow for much improved surface finishing with reduced cycle times.

Curve Profiling

WORKNC introduces modern technology for wireframe machining. Even the most complex jobs include a portion of simple, prismatic machining. Those are normally executed with wireframe-based toolpaths. Curve Profiling brings robust tool radius compensation tools that elevate the game for WORKNC users.

Conical Threaded Holes

WORKNC can program with precision conical threaded holes, expanding on the automation capabilities of WORKNC hole machining.

Integration with NCSIMUL Standard

WORKNC improves its link with Hexagon’s Simulation and Verification application, NCSIMUL. In its Standard version, the NC code created by WORKNC can be imported and verified, including all links amongst multiple toolpaths, to ensure the digital twin of the process is completely simulated and validated for execution.