Medical & Dental

Complex shapes commonly feature in medical prostheses and high precision is critical.
From CAD designs WORKNC can extract, and repair where necessary, a model suitable for manufacture. Machining routines up to full 5-axis ensure that as much of the part as possible can be reached in one setting, speeding up production and maximizing the accuracy of the part, which can sometimes be adversely affected by multiple setting operations..
For some applications, digitized data may be gathered from an individual patient. WORKNC can use this information to build a complete model and to machine the resulting surfaces. Ease of use and processing speed enable a finished result to be achieved quickly and simply, contributing to the rapidity of treatment. For medical and dental devices, individual parts are often small and intricate, requiring sophisticated molds and high accuracy. Re-machining in WORKNC CAM software makes it possible to pick out fine detail with very small tools. Additionally, electrode creation in the software makes it possible to build individual electrodes directly from the CAD model.
WORKNC DENTAL CADCAM is the reliability and productivity leader for milling dental prostheses automatically. Copings, bridges, abutments and implant bars are milled in soft and hard materials with perfectly optimized toolpaths which benefit from state-of-the-art technology.
Where a large number of electrodes are used, job management in WORKPLAN makes it possible to keep track of each electrode, machine batches of electrodes automatically, and record and transfer offset data to exactly where it is needed on the shop floor, eliminating the possibility of an error.