WORKNC 2018 R2

The 2018 R2 release of Hexagon’s WORKNC high performance CAD/CAM solution for machining complex geometries, is said to be the next step on its quality journey.

2D Drawing Function | WORKNC | Designer

An important update to the CAD operation is the 2D drawing function in WORKNC | Designer. This improves communication with the shopfloor by extracting 2D, sections, and detail views from 3D models, while also documenting the part or assembly on a sheet.

Wall Machining Strategy

The new Wall Machining Strategy is a toolpath for vertical walls in large dies. It gives a cleaner, safer toolpath, by using the 2D curves at the top and bottom limits of those faces. The user benefits from a quicker way of calculating and producing the toolpaths.

Waveform Pocket Machining

Pocket Machining with Waveform is a new pattern on the consolidated 2D Pocket Machining, complementing the existing 3D Waveform roughing strategy. It means curves can be selected instead of surfaces, speeding up the calculation time.

Offset Definition | Stock STL Model Cut

An offset can now be defined when selecting an STL model to be cut from stock, which leads to safer, more precise stock analysis, as the part might have had thermal treatment, and the size may have changed.