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WORKNC is a premier CAM solution providing 2-5 axis machining for the most demanding industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and Mold & Die.

Benefit from:

  • High feed finishing in 3-axis with any tool shape.
  • Up to 80% reduction in finish cycle times.
  • Fully utilize your machine tool investment.

Key advancements to help you optimize your machine tool investment

A: Finishing and re-machining

A raft of finishing and remachining strategies allows you to easily tailor machining operations to suit your individual requirements.

B: Highly efficient roughing strategies

Consistent material removal while increasing the tool and machine service life.

C: Auto5 Module

Allows you to automatically generate 5 axis toolpaths based on existing 3 axis toolpaths, taking account of the specific kinematics of the 5 axis milling center selected.

"Direct machining of the die has eliminated EDM operations resulting in a dramatic 82% reduction in manufacturing time."

- Hiroki Takama, Riken Forge

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