WORKNC Post Development Specifications

New Posts

  • Fill out this document completely.

Post Modifications

  • Fill out section 1, and all other sections that pertain to the modification.

Additional Information / Notes

  • Use section 4 to add any additional information needed to develop the post processor.

Your details

1. Machine Information

2. Post Processor Specifications

3. Cutter Compensation

3.1 Cutter Compensation

3D CAD Data of the machine must be provided. STL data is not accepted.

2. Machine Collision and Limit Detection

If yes to any of the above, then provide all the data from section 2. If No then skip to section 3.

2.1 CAD Data

3D CAD Data of the machine must be provided. STL data is not accepted.

2.2 Machine Limits

Must provide the following information

+/- Rotational Limit for each additional Axis (Maximum of 5 total axes)

3 Post Processor

A sample NC file must be provided that will currently run on the machine.
If the machine has more than 3 Axes, then we will need an example of all types of movement. These include:
- 3+1 (4 Axis Positional)
- 3+2 (5 Axis Positional)
- 4 Axis Continuous
- 5 Axis Continuous

3.1 Output at Tool Tip or Tool Center

3.2 Options

Below are common options that are added to the post. Please provide the information for each option. If the information is not provided it will not be added to the post.

3.2.1 Coolant Codes

Provide the coolant On/Off codes for each of the following. If the code is not available, put N/A.

3.2.2 Canned Cycles

The only path that requires a canned cycle is tapping. If tapping or other canned cycles are desired, then they must also be provided.

We need the full cycle with detailed explanation of each letter/number option in the cycle. See bottom of page for one example of many possibilities.

4 Additional Information/Notes

5 Post Processor Terms and Conditions

Data Protection Please indicate your permission for the storage of your details provided in connection with this form.