WORKNC TestDrive

The TestDrive Programme has been designed to give CNC Manufacturers the chance to evaluate the use of a CAM system with zero cost and at zero risk. A number of engineering firms are falling behind their global competitors by still relying on manual programming, or use inefficient CAM software to create CNC code.

CNC -Biplane machining, with WORKNC CAD/CAM Software

CNC -Biplane machining, with WorkNC CAD/CAM Software

WorkNC Automates Mould Maker’s Weekend Production

A mould maker serving the automotive industry says WorkNC software gives them a distinct advantage, setting them apart from their competitors with superior lead-times, quality and expertise. And as a Beta tester for WorkNC, they found that a new item of functionality, subsequently introduced into the latest release – 2019 R1 – slashed their finishing machining times by more than half on certain parts.